TWI, LR Energy Present Joint Industry Project in Laser Additive Manufacturing

Industry collaboration is the driver for sustainable growth in new manufacturing technology for the energy and offshore industries.

TWI and Lloyd’s Register Energy are presenting a joint industry project, on 8 September in the UK, titled ‘Certification of laser powder additive manufactured components for industrial adoption in the energy and offshore sectors’. The event is expected to attract considerable interest from companies worldwide wanting to collaborate as sponsors of the 18-month project. It will enable sponsors to gain early adoption of ‘approved’ additive manufacturing practices for their products – a competitive advantage in today’s price sensitive market.

Additive manufacturing, also referred to as 3D printing, is widely adopted by the aerospace industry, where its ability to create complex metal parts with a high level of precision, with reduced weight and high material utilisation, makes it a viable method of constructing components for turbines and engines.

Global trends indicate that the additive manufacturing market is set to grow by 390% in the next seven years, with Lloyd’s Register Energy’s 2014 Technology Radar survey suggesting that additive manufacturing will have a major impact in the oil and gas industry in the next five years.

However, its application in the energy, offshore and marine sectors is still at a relatively nascent stage. This project, to be operated jointly by TWI and Lloyd’s Register Energy, will bring together research and development efforts with real-world additive manufacturing practices to create new industry product certification guidelines – paving the way for more widespread adoption of additive manufacturing technology and assisting industry in determining how best to tap in to its potential.Read more


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