The World’s Sexiest 3D Printing Application?

Manufacturing personalised clothing, the 3D printed digital fabrication of textiles to create a counterpoint to the endless lines of mass produced looks of current high street fashion, could well have a real place in the future of fashion.

It is not just the amazing looking Electroloom, the first 3D printer for clothing, that is breaching the world of additive fashion manufacturing technologies. Over in Shanghai, a captivated audience bore witness to a host of 3D printed swimwear, once again proving that 3D printing is not just exciting, it’s frankly just plain sexy.

Upon a runway full of colour, a large background LED screen augmenting the beach theme and even the blissful sound of harps mimicking the calming sounds of crashing waves; Chinese designer Zhang Hongyu launched a 3D printed swimsuit collection series using a 3D printed silicon polymer feedstock at Shanghai Fashion Week 2014.

Hongyu says that 3D printing technology allows the addition of extremely delicate elements to clothing designs, enhancing style while maintaining a soft look: “This is not just a swimsuit, it also makes the people who wear it feel happy and look charming. Swimming is part of beach culture. So we want our customers to experience beach culture, to make them feel like they’re on a relaxing holiday.” … (Read more)


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