World’s First Ceramic 3D Printer For Making Tableware Unveiled

There have been ceramic 3D printers in the past, but most print in very unreliable materials, with detail that leave quite a lot to be desired. Staff of the University of West England will be unveiling the worlds first 3D ceramic tableware printer. Nice fact: professor Stephen Hoskins will speak at the 3D Printing Event in Madrid.

The printer from the University of West England actually prints in a porcelain material, far superior to what has been seen with past printers.

Professor Stephen Hoskins, from the university’s centre for fine print research which is behind the creation, said: “Our work in 3D printing of porcelain for tableware is world leading, and is based on our patented material. The ceramic material developed at CFPR for use in 3D printing is both aesthetically pleasing and also a functional material, unlike the typical prototyping materials commonly used in 3D printers.” … (Read more)


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