Will this $100 RepRap be the device that takes 3D printing to the masses?

South African Quentin Harley’s new 3D printer is an unusual, but potentially groundbreaking, design.

Quentin Harley describes himself as a self-taught hacker from Centurion, just north of Johannesburg in South Africa. He’s a softly-spoken engineer for Siemens and a member of a local makers collective, House4Hack.

Harley comes across as jovial and modest, so the first time he tells you that he might have reinvented the homebrew 3D printer — a technology barely old enough to consider itself invented, let alone in need of a makeover — he sounds like he’s joking. And yet his proposal for “the next default RepRap design”, which features a diamond printhead assembly along the lines of SCARA construction robots, is deadly serious.

Like all the best African inventions, his new design — christened the RepRap Morgan — was born of necessity.

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Source: ZDNet

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