When will the shakeout in the open source / consumer 3D printing industry start? 2013!

Nine 3D printer startups have been funded on KickStarter!!
In a recent article in Innovation Investment Journal thes nine kickstarter projects were shorlty described.

It seems that the 3D Printer market, specifically in the open source / consumer level,  is getting overflown with new 3D printer vendors. What we have learned from many other upcoming markets is that any ‘serious’ vendor tries to get a piece of the cake as soon as the market explodes. They introduce as weirdo’s their product on the market, and in no time (mostly one year) they stop. A great example is the PND Navigation market, 5 years ago.

Allthough the open source / consumer 3D printer market has no established brands yet (maybe Makerbot and Ultimaker as exceptions), and most companies are start ups or one indvidual, I do think that 2013 the real shake-out will start.

What do you think?

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