UNED presents about ‘Additive Manufacturing with RepRap methodology’

Luis Romero Cuadrado of Universidad Nacional De Educación a Distancia (UNED) will be speaking about additive manufacturing with RepRap methodology: current situation and future prospects.  Cuadrado is Assistant Professor and Doctor of Agronomic Engineer.

A Reprap machine is a rapid prototyping machine of modeling by melting and solidification with nozzle, auto – replicating, and open source. In this presentation, current situation and future prospects of this methodology are presented. In addition, several examples of different parts and machines developed since its creation are shown.

luisAbout Luis Romero Cuadrado
Assistant Professor and Researcher in rapid prototyping and design engineering. He has just obtained his Ph.D . Teaching activity in the Construction and Manufacturing Engineering Department in the following subjects: Computer Aided Design, Engineering Drawings, CAD/CAM/CAE Engineering, Design and Rapid Prototyping, Topography, Concurrent Engineering, Renewable Energies.

About Universidad Nacional De Educación a Distancia (UNED)
The UNED, founded in 1972, is the biggest University in Spain with over 260.000 students. The educational offer includes 26 degree’s titles, 43 master’s degrees and more than 600 programs of continuing education.

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