Ultimaker Launches in North America! (VIDEO)

The Netherlands-based, award-winning 3D printer manufacturer has announced availability of its products to North American customers through its partnership with fbrc8, who has the license and capability to assemble Ultimaker 3D printers directly in the US for faster and more cost-effective shipment to the North American market.

Full technical support and customer services are available locally to provide more timely care for Ultimaker customers in the region.

“Within a short few years, 3D printing has already influenced many industries from fashion to manufacturing, and from medical to food production; the opportunities are simply limitless. Many of our European users have benefited from not only our printers but also our expertise and support to the open-source community. We are happy to extend this to our North American customers, who have been waiting eagerly for local availability and support. We can’t wait to see more participation from the North American region to our YouMagine creative community”, says Ultimaker’s CEO, Siert Wijnia.

For all worldwide customers, Ultimaker ships every Ultimaker 2 3D printer with three free rolls of filament plastic in red, white and blue until mid-October to celebrate this exciting milestone for the company. Ultimaker also made a free 3D model pack available containing specific US-related models for inspiration and fun.

North American customers can simply order their 3D printer from Ultimaker.com today to enjoy the quicker and more cost-effective shipment and free gifts. The Ultimaker 3D printers are also available to purchase from other outlets in North-America including Dynamism, Amazon, iMakr and Makershed.