Ultimaker 3D Prints Life-Size Elephant in Elephant Saving Campaign

3D printing is being used in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in a bid to save the elephants. Non-profit animal welfare organization World Animal Protection and Ultimaker have teamed up to launch a campaign that urges Dutch citizens to pledge never to ride an elephant.As a key part of the campaign, five Ultimaker 3D printers are being used to print a life-size elephant. Each person who pledges never to ride an elephant again will have his/her name printed onto the giant elephant model in a font called ‘Elephont’ that simulates elephant skin.

According to World Animal Protection, demand from tourists to see and ride elephants has led to venues such as circuses and elephant-riding areas where elephants are forced to do things that cause them pain, stress and suffering. Simultaneously, the tourism industry has led to an increased number of elephants poached from the wild on a yearly basis. … (Read more)

Source: Inside3DP.com