U of T lab prints 3D sockets for prosthetic limbs

Critical Making, a University of Toronto lab at the Faculty of Information, has developed 3D-printed sockets for prosthetic limbs. These limbs will be sent to Corsu, a hospital in Uganda, as part of a partnership with international non-governmental organization Christian Blind Mission Canada.

The construction of the limbs begins with taking a scan of a person’s residual limb. The scan is then sent back to the lab, and a designer creates a 3D model of an artificial limb. Finally, this scan is sent to the hospital in Africa, where it is printed. Critical Making only makes the socket into which prosthetic limbs are installed, with each socket depending on the individual person’s physiology.

“We’re only making the socket, because those are actually customized. The socket is the most time-consuming part of the process,” explained Ginger Coons, a PhD student working at the lab. “We use the process which is supplied by the Red Cross, who have books and guidelines for how to make a prosthetic limb. They are also the supply chain that gets all the supplies through,” said Coons. … (Read more)


Source: TheVarsity.ca

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