Turning your thoughts into actual 3D objects

Neuro technology is still in its early stages, but some neuroscientists have already shown that we could detect some simple emotions such as excitement or boredom and cognitive thoughts such as push and pull

Bryan Salt of Thinker Thing in Santiago Chile took one step further: he is creating a software that allows the user to evolve 3d models with the power of thought: “When I was a child I used to think how incredible it would be to just imagine a thing and it would simply appear, ready made. This might still seem like science fiction, but amazingly the technology needed to make this a possibility is already in existence today, all that is missing is a creative approach to build the interface between mind and machine.”

The Thinker Thing team is using EmotivEPOC, a high resolution neuro signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset from Emotiv, to capture brainwaves and collect signals from the brain. These signals will then be recorded, interpreted and converted in their software Spiker Recorder. “The User will be stimulated by a number of images, their emotional response logged and new designs instantaneously evolved based on this information over several iterations. The users thought patterns and emotions will, in this way, evolve and define a 3d object.” The 3D objects can be printed in ABS plastics using a Replicator 3D printer from MakerBot Industries.

Thinker Thing have been working alongside neuroscientists to understand the workings of the Brain, Electroencephalography (EEG) activity and biofeedback learning methodology. Recently one of their experiment which linked a human brain to a cockroach leg, translating human brain patterns to wave forms that could control a biological limb was featured on Discovery Channel. Their new build, the Salt Shaker is a low cost calibrated camera and software to allow you to record the response of a cockroach leg to music stimulus.

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Source: 3ders.com

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