Tinkercad experiences from Makerbot

In the Makerbot industries blog is an interesting article about the experiences with Tinkercad, a powerful online solid modeling CAD application.

This tool has just introduced a new feature that I have a feeling will be very popular among MakerBot Operators.

Secretly (or not so secretly?) the developers are veteran hardcore games developers taking a stab at a new field. They draw from their past UI/interactive design experience to create a focused tool that is designed from the ground up to be as intuitive a modeler as most people need for 3D printing models.

I was at first dubious about a WebGL-based solid modeler, as much as I love 3dtin, but I became converted while team-teaching a “Prototyping on a MakerBot” course for the teen after-school program at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. Students picked up Tinkercad quickly, and made intricate, capable work during the first session, projects that I was able to print for them with little or no STL repair!

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