Ties Rijkers, Revelating presents: “The road towards mass adoption”

Ties Rijkers, partner at Revelating, presents at the 3D Printing Event”: “The road towards mass adoption. Fail, fail again, fail better!” In this presentation, they will demonstrate that 3D printing is on the verge of mass adoption.

“We will prove that the technique and infrastructure are ready, and that customers are willing but somewhat clueless. We will do so by sharing our (trial and error) experiences with clients grasping the concept of 3dPrinting and their struggles to implement. And how the 3dSandbox was derived from these lessons learned as a testing ground for curious companies.”

tiesrijkersAbout Ties Rijkers
Ties is a partner at Revelating. He has a background in management consultancy with firms such as DCE and Accenture. He gratefully uses these insights to help clients innovate through 3dPrinting. His focus is on delivering new products, improve processes and enhancing customer experiences by means of the benefits of 3dPrinting. He currently focuses his attention to the 3dSandbox: a testing ground where organizations can start learning and using 3dPrinting while postponing major investments to a later moment. 3dPrinting:

About Revelating
Revelating – introducing 3dPrinting in your organization. Revelating helps its clients to innovate by means of 3dPrinting. Together we develop new products, improve processes and enhance customer experiences. We combine your deep market knowledge with our expertise in 3dPrinting, our experience in new business development and our network of 3dPrinting experts. In our spinnoff, the 3dSandbox, we offer customers a low key, integrated testing ground for 3dPrinting. Check out www.3dSandbox.nl for our 1-day of 5-day program. Learn now, invest later!

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