Ties Rijkers and Hugo Jager, Relevating will give a workshop at 3D printing event

Ties Rijkers and Hugo Jager will give a workshop “Developing business models for 3D printing:  it’s not just about technology” at the 3D printing event.

3D Printing EventI just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I’ve invented” –  R. Buckminster Fuller

Well, here we are!  We can’t just wait until technologies such as 3d printing sell itself. We need (to create?) entrepreneurs that combine key market insights and disruptive technologies. In this energetic workshop we challenge you to create breakthrough change in all elements of a business model. Not just the production method, but also the customer interaction and the financial model. We will encourage you to use techniques such as customer journey mapping, co-creation, business model canvas and lean startup principles to model that killer company.

Disclaimer: be warned… it has happened that persons attending our workshops get that enthusiastic that they stay involved to actually launch the idea!

About Ties Rijkers

Ties Rijkers has a track record in what he calls the customer interface. It’s about customer journey mapping, concepting, process management..you name it. Companies like Accenture and DCE helped him establish his footprint. Being a workshop-fetish, he believes that there’s no question or riddle  you cannot workshop your way out of!

About Hugo Jager

Hugo Jager got his track record in new business development derived from extensive consultancy experience with companies such as Atos Strategy & Innovation and DCE. Business models is what makes him tick. He sees new opportunities: keen on connecting all the dots within a business model.  Sounds abstract, no way! Just ask him how he has built mockup stores to visualise the new world to his clients.

About Relevating

Revelating launches new business concepts through 3d printing. Either for enthusiastic clients or on our own account. Preferably in a co-creation modus, Revelating connects deep market insights to 3d printing innovators. We use lean startup principles to guide these new ideas to a sound business model and a swift market introduction. Because that is what revelating means: to be in the process of a new idea


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