The Quantum ORD Bot 3d printer gets a Big Brother

There has been a lot of interest in an ORD Bot with a bigger build area.

This is the Quantum’s larger brother. This uses the MK1/MK2 heated built platform which is about 214mm x 214mm. You can go larger, but you are on your own.

The name is not yet determined. I wanted something similar to Quantum that conveyed a larger volume. A search of units of volume reminded of one of my favorite units “The Firkin”. Not only does Firkin sound cool, it is part of the FFF (Furlong/Firkin/Fortnight) unit system and it is a measure of beer. The other suggestions was Hadron, which is very similar to Quantum but larger and means thick or stout in greek. Firkin is cool, but Hadron is more family friendly.

They share all parts except the MakerSlide length, the handle and the build platform.

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