The new David 3 laser scanner includes structured light scanning and a complete overhaul of the user interface.

After more than a year of development this low-cost, highly effective laser scanner, the DAVID 3.0 boasts some significant upgrades that put real scanning power into the hands of users.

The most exceptional development to note in this latest version of the DAVID Laser Scanner is that it is the first and only laser scanner to include software that supports both ‘classic’ Laser Scanning AND Structured Light Scanning. The structured light scanning method, as its name suggests, employs ‘Structured Light’ (SL), which makes scanning faster and easier using a standard video projector compared with the single line laser and camera employed for the laser scanning method.

The video projector is connected to a PC and DAVID 3 uses it to illuminate and scan the object with several stripe patterns. Within seconds of initiating the process, the 3D scan results appear on the monitor screen. So what are the pros and cons of Structured Light Scanning compared with Laser Scanning? Here is a quick run down:

Advantages of Structured Light Scanning

  • SL scanning does not require calibration panels in the background during the scanning process.
  • SL scanning is a much faster process.
  • SL scanning is a one-click operation compared with the hand-held laser scanning process.
  • There are no moving parts or inaccuracies from hand tremors etc.

Disadvantages of Structured Light Scanning

  • Projector prices are dropping, but they are still more expensive than Lasers.
  • SL scanning requires darkened conditions, usually darker than required for laser scanning.
  • SL scanning is not suitable for smaller objects with fine details because projectors typically can not be focused to very short distances.

Because the DAVID 3 is set up to offer both structured light scanning and hand held laser scanning capabilities, the user has the flexibility to select the best method for the application at hand, and maximize the benefits of each scanning method.

Furthermore, the completely new user interface makes DAVID 3 even more versatile, extendable and user-friendly while still compatible with all of the same hardware as previous versions. A comprehensive user manual is supplied with the DAVID 3, which fully explains how to get the most out of the equipment.

A1 Technologies is distributor of the David 3 scanner.

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