The Cube Odyssey starts in the USA

But what about Europe?
The Cube is coming. A lot sooner than you think too. We are really excited about the first 3D printer that anyone can use. So much so that we decided a road trip is in order so we can bring the Cube to you. Not just any road trip either. We are packing Cubes into our pimped out Nissan Cube, and sending Hal, our road dog, on a 25 city trip across the US starting April 10th.

He’s Starting in LA and hitting the hottest cities from San Francisco and Seattle to New York City and beyond. We even threw in Rock Hill, SC for good measure to keep it interesting. On the trip, the Cube will be scaling national monuments, surfing at beaches, making cameos at schools, museums, and all venues that welcome the Cube while printing cityscapes of the city it’s in (cityception). We will be taking pre-orders for the Cube to kick off the trip too! Just one problem.

Hal is kind of a lonely guy with a lot of ground to cover and could use some company. Hal needs help… We are looking for a 3D minded roadie to join him on this all expenses paid shenanigans where hilarity will ensue…  This is why we need you.

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