The coming Industrial Revolution is a lot bigger than just 3D Printing, says creator of FabLab concept

Interview with Dr. Neil Gershenfeld: Director MIT Center for Bits & Atoms and Creator FabLab Concept
3D printing seems to be inextricably linked to discussions of the next Industrial Revolution. The media has latched onto the “miracle of 3D printing” – as proclaimed in an NPR program – and credited the technology with creating a revolution in manufacturing. If one would believe the press, 3D printing could save the American or even global economies.

In visiting Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, Director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms in Cambridge, MA, I was able to glimpse his view of this situation. Dr. Gershenfeld is the creator of the worldwide FabLab concept and has worked in the field of digital fabrication for many years. It was a National Science Foundation grant in 2001 that funded CBA research on the boundary of computer science and physical science. Dr. Gershenfeld likes to whimsically call it the study of Bits to Its.

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