The book: Open Design Now; Why Design Cannot Remain Exclusive

will be launched internationally during DMY International Design Festival Berlin, on the 2nd of June.

Design is undergoing a revolution. New technologies like 3D printers and accessible software mean anyone can be a designer today. Professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike are using open design – the creation of products using publicly available blueprints and instructions – to share their work with the world. Consumers are designing cars, restaurants, even prosthetic legs. Open design is changing everything from furniture-making and education to the way designers earn a living. That’s why Creative Commons Netherlands, the Premsela Dutch design and fashion institute, and Waag Society have compiled Open Design Now, coming out on Thursday 2 June from BIS Publishers.

The book sheds light on the new movement and makes one thing clear: design cannot remain exclusive.

Open design empowers individuals as “part of a growing possibilitarian movement,” giving us “all the instruments to become the one-man factory,” Marleen Stikker argues in an introduction to the Open Design Now. Academics such as philosophy professor Jos de Mul, designers like Joris Laarman, and professionals including John Thackara and Bre Pettis look at what’s driving open design and where it’s going. They examine new business models and issues of copyright, sustainability, education and social critique.

Along with 15 essays by thinkers, designers and businesspeople, the book features case studies showing how projects varying from the RepRap self-replicating 3D-printer to $50 Fab Lab prosthetic legs are changing the world. And the Visual Index uses hundreds of images to illustrate aspects of open design from activism and copyright to co-creation and recycling.

As John Thackara puts it, “Openness is more than a commercial and cultural issue. It’s a matter of survival.”

Open Design Now is essential reading for designers, businesspeople, decisionmakers, students and anyone concerned with the future of design and society.

Moderator is Marcus Fairs, one of the most influential and knowledgeable figures on the international architecture and design scene. He is founder and editor-in-chief of and author of the books Twenty-First Century Design and Green Design. Fairs will give his view on open design and discuss the implications and the meaning of open design with the authors and editors of the book. Confirmed: Ronen Kadushin (designer), Michelle Thorne (Mozilla), Marleen Stikker (Waag Society), Jürgen Neumann (Ohanda), Andre Knörig (Fritzing), Bas van Abel (Waag Society), Roel Klaassen (Premsela), Lucas Evers (Creative Commons) and Hendrik-Jan Grievink (designer of the book).

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