Texas company working on cheaper, better breast implants from an inkjet printer

Print-your-own breast implants could be one of the new products in the $8.4 billion market of 3D printer products projected for 2025.

TeVido BioDevices is working to commercialize technology that would allow doctors to use a patient’s own fat to print a customized breast implant. The initial focus is reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, but the technology could also make plastic surgery cheaper and more successful.

Co-founder Laura Bosworth-Bucher said that the printer is similar to an inkjet many students use to print school papers, but modified to shoot out proteins instead of ink. The protein mixture is a composite of gelatin and alginate and it is printed onto specialized gel. An aluminum plate added to the printer’s paper feeding sensor and two switches along the y-axis of the machine help to evenly distribute the gelatin into the form.

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Source: Med City News

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