Teen Makes a 3D Printed Robohand for Friend

Recently, third grader Matthew received a 3D printed robotic hand, thanks to his friend, 16-year-old high school student Mason Wilde.

R2Lyy.St.81Matthew was born with only a thumb and a few partial digits on his right hand. While he could still do many things that 9-year-olds do, Matthew says he was “bored with that” and wanted to do more.

Matthew’s mother said that Matthew hadn’t shown much interest in getting a commercial prosthetic hand before. And the high price of a prosthetic hand, about $18,000, would have made it somewhat difficult to obtain.

But when Matthew’s mom found a “Robohand,” a 3D printed hand design online, she showed it to Matthew and he got excited. This hand wasn’t like commercial prosthetics; it’s very cool, futuristic, and high-tech looking. … (Read more)

Source: 3DPrinter.net

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