Tal Erez (Het Nieuwe Instituut) presents at 3D Printing Event: ‘Maker vs. market’

Tal Erez, designer, design researcher, and fellow at Het Nieuwe Instituut, will present during the 3D Printing Event: “Maker vs. market – who will define the future of 3D printing”.

Commercial, political and artistic players mingle in a clash of forces to define the standards 3d printing – an industry in infancy – will adopt. Will we produce at home or in centralized, regulated factories? Will we become more or less knowledgeable about materials? Will this industry be open or closed? and which interest groups each answer serves? This lecture will try to outline this battlefield, with its legal, economic and communicational conflicts.

tal erez profileAbout Tal Erez
Tal is designer, design researcher, and fellow at Het Nieuwe Instituut. His work focuses on the socio-political implications of technological changes, and the role design can play in them. His work has been internationally presented and published.

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