Super Size Me: Now You Can 3D Print a Life-sized Model of Yourself

Forget those eight-inch mini-me models you can get for £60 if you happen to live near an Asda in Manchester, offering the service. Now, thanks to a firm in China, you can actually own a fully life-sized replica of yourself.

The company is called Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co. Ltd, and in order to print a life-size model, they have developed the world’s largest 3D printer. The Chinese company revealed their life-size 3D printed model and their 3D Wax Statue Printer at the World 3D printing technology Industry Conference and Exposition held in Qingdao in June.

Historically, people have been fascinated by creating exact replicas of themselves, and have been happy enough to print them in varying sizes. But it is only now that actual life-size models, with a printing ratio of 1:1 available. Qingdao Unique has developed the 3D wax statue printer to be able to print objects that stand an impressive 2 meters tall. … (Read more)