STARTUP WEEKEND 2013: the Engaged Edition @hightechcampus

1, 2 & 3 March, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The world didn’t end and the stars are favorably placed. 2013 is the year of the transformation, the year in which – according to the Mayan calendar – man and earth will move to a higher level. That sounds promising, but it is not going to happen all by itself. We are going to have to work for it. So, step out of your comfort zone, take that exciting turn in your career path and launch your own company.

The challenge
Eindhoven Startup Weekend, which is being held on 1, 2, & 3 March on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, is the perfect time to think about taking the plunge and launching your own business. There’s quite a challenge out there for new entrepreneurs now. After all, we have already solved the easiest ‘problems’. These days anyone can take arty photos and share them easily with others. Everyone can control the atmospheric lighting in their living room in any color of the rainbow using their Smartphone. And we can all let our ‘friends’ know what we are thinking, doing or feeling at any time of the day or night. That’s great, but now the time has come to tackle the real challenges. And that’s the reason for the ‘Engaged Edition’.

From idea to business in 54 hours
Do you have ideas about how to make people’s lives more enjoyable, happier and healthier? Have you come up with a solution for a sustainable world that nobody else has thought of yet? Are you bursting with energy and desperate to translate your ideas into a company? If so, the Startup Weekend is definitely for you! Even if you don’t have your own pitch, you can take part by joining one of the teams that will compete against each other.
In the space of only 54 hours you will launch a brand new venture. You will form a team together with others who share your ambition and then translate your idea into a concrete business plan, prototype or mock-up. On Sunday evening you will present your plan to the jury and you may well be lucky enough to win one of the top prizes (business coaching, business premises, start-up capital). And, even more importantly, after this weekend you will be ‘in business’. Make 2013 your year, and let the world benefit from your invention, service or business model.

An effective formula
Follow in the footsteps of the Water Trade team. In one weekend they launched their business – based on an outdated patent – to provide clean drinking water to people in poor parts of the world. Or, like the ‘Where is Granny?’ team, your ambition may be to innovate in healthcare. With our aging society there are a lot of challenges out there that need clever, affordable and human solutions. Startup Weekend has been proven to be an effective formula worldwide. A great many start-ups began here. Now it’s your turn!

For more information about Startup Weekend Eindhoven visit the website

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