Stalactite 102, a high definition resin 3D printer (VIDEO)

The Stalactite 102 is a high definition resin 3D printer designed to meet the most demanding standards, with innovative technology, yet still at an affordable price.

This are the specs according to Stalactite:

  • Minimum layer thickness down to 25 microns (hardware can support layers as thin as 10 microns).
  • High DPI (dot per inch) density on the X/Y plane (100 microns NORMAL mode, 50 microns FINE mode)
  • High quality precision components.
  • Mechanized aluminum and laser cut steel components.
  • Innovative decoupled dual peeling system (patent pending)
  • Proprietary software with fast slicing and automatic supports.
  • Wide choice of printing materials: currently up to 4 different resins with a variety of properties.
  • Build Area: 102mm x 76,8mm x 180mm

They have started crowdfunding at Indiegogo.

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