Sneaking Duck: 3D Printed Eyeglasses That Are Totally Unique

Tired of boring eyeglasses? A company called Sneaking Duck has just introduced a game changer that will change the way you look at eyeglasses. Sneaking Duck is set to launch a range of 3D printed eyeglasses that will allow customers the option of customizing the frame’s color, arm length, and even write a message of the frame.

While there are already numerous companies offering 3D printed frames, most focus on either prescription lenses or sunglasses. Sneaking Duck is looking to join the crowds with their customizable, made-to-order, no-two-frames-are-the-same 3D printed frames.

While users can now pick one of several designs and customize them to their liking, the plan is to offer even more customizable frames to the mix. The 3D printed frames are made using a nylon material that is said to be more durable and flexible than your typical plastic frames. Each eyeglass frame is custom designed to fit you and your style. … (Read more)


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