Shapeways to have the Factory of the Future

Their plan is to 3D Print 3 to 5 Million unique products per year in NYC

When Shapeways opened the doors to the NYC office, they  dreamed of building a factory nearby. A factory that would provide the thousands of designers and innovators in NYC a place to bring their products to life.

Last month Shapeways signed a lease, sat down to ideate, and began construction on a massive 25,000 square foot space. It will house 30 to 50 high definition, industrial-sized 3D printers, but it will also be a hub of innovation, research and development, and continuous community exploration.

Over the next year, Shapeways will bring millions of products to life. They will see strandbeests walk, gyros spin, and laugh when our iPhones drop safely in 3d Printed covers. When its fully up and running, the Factory of the Future will become the largest consumer facing 3D Printing manufacturing facility in the world. It will have the capacity to 3D Print 3 to 5 million objects annually.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has cut the ribbon on the factory.

Source: Shapeways


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