Seven times faster 3D Printing

Rapid Shape, the new manufacturer of machines and resins to produce 3D models, introduces itself for the first time on the BASELWORLD 2011.
A global innovation will be presented: The series S60 generically builds parts easy to burn-out, master patterns for wax moulds or demonstration models, 7 times faster than possible before. “Our systems build approx. 60 mm per hour. We can thereby manufacture up to 56 ring patterns which can be burnt out from CAD – data within 35 minutes only”, describes the Managing Director Andreas Schultheiss one of the most important advantages of the new technology.

The Rapid Shape S60 series sets new standards not only as for speed, but also regarding precision. Even though layer by layer is built at top speed, the accuracy achieved is amazing.

According to the respective requirements, users can choose between 3 models with different space and resolution. At an ultra-fine resolution of about 30 ìm per Voxel, the S60 mini offers the production of several pieces of jewellery in a space of up to 84 x 48 x 250 mm, whereas the S60 maxi models can be built for job sizes of up to 150 x 85 x 250 mm, at a resolution of approx. 65 ìm per Voxel.

Consistent with the new machines, Rapid Shape also supplies 4 resins for DLP systems. Depending on the respective field of application, users can choose between 2 directly castable resins, 2 general purpose resins and a special master resin. Owing to the open system architecture, the systems of Rapid Shape can be integrated flexibly into the design and production process. Individual software solutions can be integrated as well as various material libraries. Moreover, Rapid Shape offers a comprehensive service package including user trainings to competent maintenance service.

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