Servitization in product companies

Creating business value beyond products, a Trend Report by Atos Consulting
These are the key findings

  • Servitization is driven by both external and internal drivers.
  • Servitization is a process, developing along a two dimensional services maturity model.
  • Success does not come automatically at increasing service maturity levels.
  • Surprisingly , the “business model” is not leading the organizational transformation.
  • Also “Key Performance Indicators” are lagging behind significantly.
  • There are significant thresholds between the various service maturity stages.
  • The thresholds increase in height at more mature stages.
  • “Management & organization” is the most leading organizational transformation dimension.
  • “Processes” and “People & Culture” is also a leading organizational transformation dimension.
  • “Information Management” is the least developed organizational transformation dimension.

If you are interested in the complete report, download it here.

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