Senior Lecturer of Management Science and Innovation at University College London will give presentation at 3D printing event

Ludmila Striukova, a senior lecturer of Management Science and innovation at University College London will give a presentation about “3D printing: new governance of IPRs for a new era” during the seminar “3D printing and the Law” 

3D Printing EventWhen it comes to IPRs, 3D printing technologies are a double­edged sword. The ability, for everyone, to manufacture at the touch of a finger creates both unlimited potential and significant challenges. Indeed, 3D printing not only brings the opportunities of the digital world to the physical world, but also its challenges, one of which is consumer piracy. Will consumers tomorrow pirate as many physical goods as they do with digital goods? If so, what can firms do about it? The IP related issues brought about by 3D printing actually go far beyond that. As consumers become prosumers, key intellectual assets are built upon the wisdom of crowds and the inventiveness of individual customers. Likewise, corporate innovations are often built upon the contributions of several organisations. In such context, the question is what is a good use of IPRs? What is the adequate governance structure? What is the balance between creating value and capturing value? The topics discussed in this session are: how businesses can rethink their business models to tackle IP issues; how companies can control information and rights when co­designing products with external parties; how customers’ contributions can be assessed and rewarded within an IP framework.


About Ludmila Striukova
Dr Ludmila Striukova is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Management Science and Innovation at University College London. Her previous experience includes working at the LSE, King’s College, as well as business forecasting agencies. Dr Striukova’s current research is closely related to business and legal aspects of 3D printing. She has published extensively in the area of innovation and technology management and her research work has been used in numerous EU and governmental reports. She also has used her telecommunications engineering background to mentor and advise technology-based startups and multinationals.


About University College London
UCL is based in the heart of London and is one of the world’s top universities and its excellence extends across all academic disciplines. UCL staff and former students have included 21 Nobel prizewinners and currently university has around 4,000 academics and 27,000 students. At its establishment in 1826, UCL was radical and responsive to the needs of society, and this ethos – that excellence should go hand-in-hand with enriching society – continues today.


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