SCA talks about Additive Manufacturing Applications in Companies during 3D Printing Event

Additive manufacturing is changing the rules of manufacturing. During the 3D Printing Event in Madrid, Ignacio Garrido Kaifer of the company SCA will give a inspiring presentation about Additive Manufacturing Applications in Companies. 

Whether you’re testing out a bold new idea or you’re ready for digital manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing systems build models and parts for every application along the way. From concept modeling or functional prototypes to manufacturing tooling, end-use parts or advanced application as injection molding… The rules of manufacturing are being changed. Know how companies are using additive manufacturing in many differents applications. One of SCA`s customers will share their experience with 3Dprinting and how they use it for many different purposes. Several examples of parts will be showed during the presentation

07ffbe8About Ignacio Garrido Kaifer
Additive Manufacturing Business Development. Head of the Additive Manufacturing Department in SCA, Stratasys`s reseller in Spain and Portugal. Focus on helping organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve the business performance with Addtive Manufacturing Solutions Expert in FDM and Polyjet technologies. Participation and managing of 3D Printed Injection Molding Projects.

 About SCA, Soluciones Cim Avanzadas
Software and Hardware specialist for design, analysis and production areas since 1998. Based in Spain, Portugal and Brasil. We help our customers to make better products, cheaper and in less time.

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