SambaCan: the 3D printable drinking can holder & samba shaker in one!

Use it to support your national team in the FIFA World Cup Brazil and get some 3D printing vibes out there. You can have the SambaCan 3D printed at 3D Hubs or download the 3D model at YouMagine and 3D print one yourself.

1) Go to 3D Hubs to print one, or 3D print it yourself by downloading the file through Youmagine.
2) Put a full drinking can in the SambaCan to drink from it without heating the can with your hands.
3) After finishing your drink, break of the lid, put it inside and place the can upside down in the SambaCan.
4) Now it is a samba shaker! Let’s make some noise (or music if you can).

We invite you to 3D print it in the colors of your national team or modify the 3D model to your wishes! Let us know what you made! Send us some pics and/or video’s via Twitter @SambaCan2014 or Facebook:

The SambaCan is a gift to the worldwide 3D print community to celebrate with at the World Cup! The SambaCan was designed by Nanning de Jong (3Dwergen), and Lennert van der Laan & Gert Groeneveld (Kiva Kuva). Original concept by Jules The & Dalton Noland, and released together with 3D Hubs. The SambaCan 3D model is offered to anyone under the Creative Commons license.

For more information, check 3Dwergen or Kiva Kuva