Robert Vissers will give presentation about 3D-printings place in society during 3D Printing Event

Robert Vissers, 3D-printing networker at Eccomi3D will talk about 3D-printings place in society – a practical approach at the seminar 3D Printing and Home market / Hobbyists.

3D Printing Event3D-printing is changing the world as we know it. This claim is quite big. We will examine the claim and see to what extend it’s already happening. Taking a closer look at the impact on economy, ecology, society in general.

Based on concrete and practical facts we can find a clear timeframe for the events.

About Robert Vissers
Educated as IT-consultant, worked and lived abroad (Milano and Copenhagen) for an international company well known it the Eindhoven region. Discovered 3D-printing out of curiousity. As a printer-owner I’m linked to 3D-Hubs, making my printer available to the general public. Wrote a booklet for engaging the general public to 3D-printing. Currently connecting people and taking on assignments. Networker. What I’ve learned so far is that there is a lot happening in the field of 3D-printing. We are in need of the Creativity of the General Public, so let’s make it easy and get the consumers on board.


About Eccomi3D
Started July 2013, providing 3D-printing services, watching the trends, and acting on what’s needed. In short – a lean startup. Current activities: actual printing, spreading the Word.


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