RhinoCentre is partner of the 3D Printing Event

Besides a presentation titled ‘From Rhino to Reality’, Rhino Centre will exhibit their products on the exhibition floor.

Rhino Centre is an excellence network regarding Rhino 3d modeling software.
Besides Rhino and plug-in software, RhinoCentre delivers expert knowledge with training, consultancy and services. RhinoCentre is driven by professionals from several industries who still also work as designers in their own office. This guarantees that RhinoCentre is leading worldwide when it comes to the application of Rhino in industrial design, architecture and the marine industry.

Rhino is a versatile and affordable 3d modeling tool which is used in all design industries. It is clear that Rhino has the responsibility to reach out to the 3d printing world with knowledge from the modeling side, to deliver 3d models which are ready for printing to create a successful product. The presentation will show some successful and amazing cases of 3d prints based on Rhino 3d models.

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