Researching breast implant improvements using 3dp

Research being carried out by Texan company TeVido BioDevices is considering new methodologies for producing customized breast implants — specifically for reconstructive surgery for women that have undergone mastectomies as a result of breast cancer.

Around 230,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year according to the American Cancer society, and in the UK, Cancer Research reports in the region of 50,000 new cases each year although not all of these will undergo mastectomies. But having researched this issue myself last year for a completely unrelated project, I discovered that, for many women, after a mastectomy, breast reconstruction is a vital part of the healing process — one that leaves scars — physical and emotional. Complete breast reconstruction is a multi-surgery process over many months and sometimes years. Anything that would ease the burden, and improve the physical outcome, even a little bit, would be welcomed.

The TeVido process involves the use of a 3D bioprinter that processes a composite protein material of gelatin and alginate, which are deposited via a modified inkjet type printer on to a gel substrate.

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Source: 3D Printing Industry

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