Rein van der Mast, Additive Industries presents about Design for AM

Rein van der Mast, Manager Design & Engineering at Additive Industries, will present during the 3D Printing Event. He will present: ‘Unlocking the (unknown) potential: Design for Additive Manufacturing, principles & process’. 

32fb90432fb904VdMast2012bAbstract of the presentation
Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers breakthrough possibilities to create light weight, free form, customized and integrated products and parts with improved thermal performance. However in order to unlock the potential, the key needs to be found in a dedicated design for AM. Instead of removing material by milling or any other subtractive method, a printer adds it only where it is beneficial to the end-product. Also, no product specific tooling, like molds, is required. This brings formerly unachievable commercial as well as technological solutions within reach. Rein van der Mast will offer you a pragmatic assessment method to scout AM potential and decide where AM will improve your product or add to your business case.