Rapid prototyping supports design helmets for Team GB

UK firm Crux Product Design has utilised innovative CAD methods, novel materials and new rapid manufacturing techniques to create bespoke track and road cycling helmets for Team GB.

The ergonomic and futuristic helmets, commissioned by UK Sport and British Cycling back in 2009, are said to offer new levels of comfort and safety, making them suitable for road, sprint, pursuit and para-cycling events.

To create them, Crux began by utilising new CAD methods and taking 3D laser scans of each individual athlete to ensure the best fit. Additive manufacturing methods were then used to turn the 3D models into rapid prototypes over night.

According to the company, the prototypes were physically used as part of the helmet fitting process; giving the athletes confidence that their helmet fit would be flawless.

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Source: eurekamagazine

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