Program Prototyping Event, Industry day, 25 June 2013, Kortijk, Belgium, is available.

In the morning a plenary session will be held. In the afternoon, one can choose between a seminar session or a workshop
INDUSTRY DAY (JUNE 25th 2013), morning program
Speaker are:

  • Lode De Geyter, general director, HOWEST. Why this event, why HOWEST | Industrial Design Center? Education and research as a basis for some serious prototyping.
  • Bart Grimonprez, HOWEST | Industrial Design Center | ProtoLab, 3D printing, back to basics. A lot of people and companies ask themselves today whether they should invest in technologies like 3D printing or outsource. What technologies exist, what are the price ranges, what to think about…? 3D printing is hot, can you believe everything you read and see?
  • Maarten Versteeg , Brech (Nl), 3D printing in the jewellery-branch: a closer look is required. Additive manufacturing (AM) is often presented as an universal manufacturing solution. What does this imply for the jewellery-branch? Could AM save this market, that struggles with the meaning of craftsmanship in the 21st century? And what will be the influence of related topics like mass customization and co-creation? In his lecture Maarten Versteeg will adress these questions based on his critical view on the market.
  • Lieven Achtergael, Achtergael Architects

INDUSTRY DAY (JUNE 25th 2013), afternoon program track 1

  • Tpvision, A closer look at the design phases of Philips’ Minimalist, Monolithic Designline TV. A TV that looks like a large piece of glass, leaning against the wall. How did this development come about, which steps have led to this awesome final product of Philips.
  • Tommaso Sforza, Sirris (B), The Additive Manufacturing in ceramics, moving from prototype to volume production has never been so fast. The Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics is just emerging and already it promises an innovative future. Challenge is to keep high-performance characteristics of technical ceramics while breaking delivery time, conception barrier and manufacturing costs. First applications already combine specific design, short delivery time, reduced costs with the consequences of a high-quality product.

INDUSTRY DAY (JUNE 25th 2013), afternoon program track 2
Workshop Shaping Matter with Chris Lefteri
Recognized throughout the world as a leading authority on materials and their application in design, Chris Lefteri is one of the most instrumental materials experts working in his field. His materials workshops are in demand across the world, key clients include Nike, BMW, Philips Design, LG Electronics, Samsung, Dyson, Hyundai and Speedo.

For more information about Official Opening Shaping Matter and registration, go to the site.

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