Professor of Economics, Thierry Rayna will give a presentation during 3D printing event!

Thierry Rayna, Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Chair of Digital Business of the ESG Management School in Paris will give a presenation during the LAW session at the 3D printing event

3D Printing EventMister Rayna will discuss the question: “3D Printing and Piracy: What lessons can be learned from the piracy of digital content?”.

In the early 2000s the massive surge of consumer piracy took (almost) everyone by surprise. Yet, considering the radical changes that digitisation brings to the economic nature of content, this phenomenon could have been foreseen. Now that digitisation is coming to physical objects, it is critical to envisage the changes that this will bring to the way we do business. To do so, this presentation reviews the failures and (occasional) successes of digital industries to tackle consumer piracy and provides insights on how piracy can be turned on its head to benefit businesses.


About Thierry Rayna

Thierry Rayna is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Chair of Digital Business of the ESG Management School in Paris. Beforehand, he held positions at Imperial College, the LSE, UCL and University of Cambridge. Professor Rayna’s research investigates the consequences of technological change on high-tech, creative and cultural industries. He has published extensively in the areas of innovation, digital economy and internet economics. Professor Rayna has served as an expert for governmental bodies (EU, European Patent Office, U.S. Federal Trade Commission and French Ministry of Culture and Communications), major companies of the media, telecommunication and cultural industries, as well as start-ups.


About the ESG Management School 

The ESG Management School is one of the French “Grandes Écoles” (elite higher education institutions). Located in the centre of Paris, it is home to 2,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students, both French and International.


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