PrintToPeer to Make 3D Printing Simpler Through One API

3D printing is still very much in the early stages. While there are plenty of affordable and relatively easy to use 3D printers available today, you still need multiple pieces of software to prepare the 3D models, and then a separate piece of software to send the final file to the printer.

Companies that offer 3D printing services to their customers also face problems with the different operating systems and file-input software options. But Calgary, Canada-based startup PrintToPeer plans to change that. “3D printing has a horrible user experience right now,” says PrintToPeer cofounder Tom Bielecki.

PrintToPeer plans to simplify the 3D printing process. As it currently stands, 3D printer users need multiple pieces of software in order to bring a concept from the idea stage to a 3D model and again to the final printing stages. PrintToPeer plans to create a single application programming interface (API) that would specify how the software components should interact with each other. … (Read more)


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