Printing Art At Home With A 3D Printer

“3D copies of ancient artworks offer plenty of educational opportunities. Kids can have copies of fossil skulls in the classroom. Professors can use 3D copies in art history classes.”

The average person can create new works of art by changing and remixing ancient works, similar to what happened in the music industry when artists started sampling older music in their songs. “It is now possible to mass digitize sculptural art. People will download what they want and love, and what they want other people to see,” explained Wenman. “Some people will remix them in interesting, novel ways.”

Wenman recognizes that some might find the whole process of making plastic copies of the world’s great sculptures distasteful. “There will be tastemakers and gatekeepers who will say this whole process lessens the importance or is an insult to the original or the original artist,” said Wenman. “I don’t find that particularly convincing. To me it’s about sharing the artwork and I’ll leave it to the people who have a stake in the other camp to make their case as to why that might be a bad thing.”


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