Print your Minecraft designs as 3D models via Shapeways

Developer Mojang already has a LEGO project under review, and now a free-to-use program has been released that helps you to print out your Minecraft creations as real objects, on a 3D printer.

The open source Mineways program, by Eric Haines, allows you to pick a chunk of your Minecraft world and export it in a format suitable for sending directly to a 3D printer. You can also choose to edit the model using 3D modelling software, such as Blender, prior to printing.

Haines has created a video that takes you through the process of capturing your Minecraft creation and uploading it to Shapeways, a service which will print out your model and ship it to you.

There are plenty of tips to get the best from the software on Haines’ dedicated Mineways page. He also gives you an idea of how much models might cost to print and how best to minimize your financial outlay.

Read the original post in venturebeat.


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