The Picture Locket get’s a Modern 3D Printed Twist with UpLocket

The UpLocket is a 3D printed picture locket recently launched on Kickstarter that contains an NFC – Near Field Communication – chip that allows you to automatically upload a picture of your choice from your locket onto another person’s smartphone simply by touching them together.

3D printed jewellery is hardly new, or even noteworthy these days as it has become one of the fastest growing sectors of 3D printed consumer goods. But the high-tech twist that UpLocket brings to it is certainly an interesting one that they hope they can get off the ground using crowdfunding.

NFC chip in 3d printed locketThe concept itself is pretty simple, the locket has room for a picture, just as any locket would, but it also has an NFC chip integrated into the design that can be loaded with a photograph of your choice. This means that you can keep the picture in the locket close to you, and freely share it with those around you without them requiring them to strain to see the small image. Or if you don’t feel that you need it, you can simply select the pendant design that has no space for a physical picture only the file stored on the NFC chip. … (Read more)