PHOTOS: These 3D Printed Accessories Are Blowing Our Minds

Whether or not you like the idea of printing yourself a new gun, bicycle or jaw bone, you can’t deny that 3D printing is the hot new topic on everyone’s lips. And, like social media and all those other craaazy new developments that split the fashion world into two camps, it’s set to cause more than a small sartorial stir.

One person who won’t have trouble picking sides is Catherine Wales. The London-based designer is taking part in a new exhibition called The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution, which opens Wednesday at London’s Design Museum. The exhibit will explore the ever-blurring boundaries between designer, manufacturer and consumer, and how new methods of manufacturing can benefit smaller brands.

“Advances in technology have allowed me to utilise my expertise as a pattern cutter to approach current complications surrounding garment sizing and manufacturing restrictions. 3D technology can sustainably solve sizing issues and cut down on wastage while better supporting consumer demand.”

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Her three-dimensional accessories collection Project DNA is inspired by identity and the visual structure of human chromosomes. It reminds us a little of Christopher Kane’s Resort 2014 collection, and is almost a little too much awesomeness to take in on a Friday afternoon.



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