Paul Brody of IBM: the rise of 3D printing is exponential

If your one of those people who think that 3D Printing is just an hype, you’re wrong!

Not only are those people in denial, but they’re doing a great disservice to all of humanity by inadvertently, and perhaps sometimes intentionally, stifling innovation; some people actually listen to the naysayers, and so those people won’t go out and make something new because they’ve been convinced that businesses and the state of manufacturing are still operating like they did in the ‘80s.

If you’re one of those people, here’s your wake-up call: Paul Brody, Vice President and Global Industry Leader of Electronics at IBM, in his keynote presentation at the Siemens Global Innovation Summit, pointed to an undeniably relevant observation: “Thingiverse, the most popular online design sharing community, is seeing an exponential increase in the number of items being shared.”

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