Over 30 speakers will share their vision on the 3D Printing industry

at the the 2nd edition of the 3D Printing Event
The following speakers will share their view with you:

  • Phil Reeves, Managing Director, Econolyst
  • Lauri Poldre, Sales Director, GrabCAD
  • Bart Veldhuizen, Community Manager, Shapeways
  • Erik de Bruijn, Co-founder, Ultimaker
  • Maurits Westerik, Bird & Bird
  • Natasha Carolan, PhD Researcher & Workshop Manager, Makielab & HighWire DTC
  • Charlotte Jansen, Program manager, Protospace
  • Marieke Ratsma, owner, Marieka Ratsma Design
  • Rick Companje
  • Jetze Visser, PhD candidate, University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Joris van Tubergen, Product designer [and creative director ProtoSpace | FabLab Utrecht]
  • Brian Peters, Architect, DUS Architects
  • Matt Sinclair, Lecturer, Loughborough Design School/Creative Director, Matt Sinclair Design, Loughborough Design School
  • Frits Hoff, Fablab Zuid Limburg
  • Petr Novikov, Co-founder, Stone Spray
  • Anna Kulik, Co-founder, Stone Spray
  • Inder Prakash Shergill, Co-founder, Stone Spray
  • Clare Cunningham, Faberdashery
  • Rene Groothedde, Director, Rapid Manufacturing Center
  • Antonius Köster, CEO, Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG
  • Rene Houben, TNO
  • and many others in the parallel sessions of the European Project Moving Materials called 3D; make it, repair it, keep it!

For more information go to the seminar page.

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