Origo a 3D printer for ten year olds.

A new concept co-founded by Joris Peels and Artur Tchoukanov.

You can draw your very own things in 3Dtin and I’ll build them for you in plastic.

Right now, I am just an idea. I will be as easy to use as an Xbox or Wii. I’ll be as big as three Xbox 360’s and as expensive as four Xbox 360’s. I will sit on your desk and quietly build your ideas, drawings and dreams.

There are other 3D printers. But none will be as easy to use as I will. None will be as reliable or work as hard for you. I’m not a kit or an industrial machine. I’m not complicated. I’m an appliance, like a toaster or a microwave. Only I’m purple and make your stuff.

for more information about Origo, click here.


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