ONE Degree Watches Creates 3D Cityscape Timepieces

The designs are brought to life using 3D printing technology to capture the inspirational feeling of major cities and bring them to life on a wristwatch.
Long time watch producer and enthusiast Paul Youngblood founded ONE Degree to inspire people to follow their dreams. The company utilizes 3D printing technology to create fun and innovative designs. The company’s first project of placing three-dimensional skylines into a timepiece was made possible by 3D printing services like Shapeways. After the first 3D samples were received, the projects momentum never stopped.

The cityscape watches are simply a fun tribute to the company’s hometown of San Francisco. The production of the prototypes were completed at TechShop in San Francisco and San Jose. The watches will be launching in late 2012/early 2013. Following the lead of other great new conceptual watch companies, ONE Degree chose to launch their new idea via Kickstarter. Currently this is the only place to purchase the San Francisco cityscape watches. The company plans on adding other major international cities to their timepiece catalogue. That catalogue will also include other types of innovative traditional and non-traditional styles of timepieces.

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