Oil industry embraces 3D printing

General Electric’s (GE) oil and gas division is making the first step to join the 3D-printing revolution and will commence production of 3D-printed metal fuel nozzles for its turbines in the first half of 2014.

The company will first carry out a pilot project, testing the additive manufacturing technology, with full production expected to start in 2015.

Previously, GE Aviation had embraced the technology, hailed as bringing about the third industrial revolution, and said it would soon commence production of fuel nozzles for its LEAP engine.

GE’s decision is seen as yet another step forward for 3D printing to become a mainstream industrial technology. Previously, Halliburton has used 3D-printed parts in its drilling equipment, but on a much smaller scale. … (Read more)

General Electric's gas and oil division is ready to embrace 3D printing


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