Now you can make your own stylish watch with a 3D printer.

Like “Doublefeature” a watch made by Austrian designer Paul Kweton
Watches are amazing. For centuries, the watch has been the go-to fashion statement for men and women. It’s a stylish way to accentuate a wrist while the make and model allows you to flaunt your status.

Of course, your watch might not turn out quite as awesome as the “Doublefeature,” a watch made by Austrian designer Paul Kweton. It features two faces that tell the time in two different time zones.

What’s interesting about this watch is that most of it was made with a 3D printer. The watch’s case and interior parts were made with a 3D printer. Now, the plastic used in 3D printers might make this watch seem kind of cheap. Kweton went all out with this design, however, and the watches are fully-functioning Swiss Quarts Movements. It once again shows the versatility in design that comes from 3D printers.

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