Nissan Motorsports and Evok3D Beat the Heat with 3D Printing

When French race car driver Alex Premat was pulled from his car after suffering from heat exhaustion during a race, the Nissan Motorsports’ Australian V8 Supercar team needed to find a better driver cooling system before their next race. So they turned to 3D printing company Evok3D who helped them quickly rapid prototype their new design with 3D printing tech.

It was an oppressively hot day on the track during the Sydney Telstra 500 in Australia on that Saturday afternoon in 2012. So hot that Premat’s cool suit stopped functioning, and with a track temperature at just under 100 degrees fahrenheit (37 Celsius) it’s no wonder that he overheated so fast. He was quickly pulled from his car and rushed to the hospital where he was covered in ice and carefully rehydrated.

Heat exhaustion is nothing to mess around with, if it goes untreated it can lead to heat stroke and potentially cause damage to your brain and other internal organs. Keeping drivers cool is a huge concern for race car designers, and when their current system was insufficient to protect a driver, the Nissan Motorsports team had to move quickly. … (Read more)